Military Veteran Workforce

Stampede gets the job done with the help of our Red, White & Blue collar workforce™ of military veterans, their family members, and activists, who feel a strong connection to our Armed Forces.

Zero Fraud

Typical grassroots programs can have between 23% and 40% fraud. Stampede’s patent-pending accountability software maximizes workforce productivity and reduces fraud to zero. Our name stands for “quality.”

Winning Results

We deliver big wins for conservative candidates and causes across the Nation. The secret? Conversation rates 2.5 times higher than industry average enable more data capture, the right turnout, more vote-by-mail requests, more of what you need to succeed.

Great companies are about great people.


We work with the best.

Stampede is definitely not for everyone. To save you time, here’s a shortcut to figuring out if we’re a fit for you: Our customers generally aren’t the types who are looking for a “new buddy” to add to the team. They hire us because they want the job done right. They accept the fact that we don’t answer questions like, “how would you handle this?” before we get hired. They also don’t micromanage because frankly they’re too important and their pre-hire due diligence has gotten them past any trust issues. So, if this stuff doesn’t put you off and you’re a pro-free market candidate, party committee, or IE group and you have budget earmarked for grassroots, then we might be a fit. If not, then we’re happy to point you in another direction.

“At Stampede, we defend the dream of America one conversation at a time.”

Chris Turner CEO, Stampede America