Mission & Values


At Stampede, our mission is to defend the dream of America one conversation at a time. We believe that our country and its people represent the greatest force for good the world has ever known. We proudly stand firm in support of America’s traditional beliefs in limited government, individual freedom, and free market capitalism. We believe that should America falter in our support of these principles, the light of hope for the people of the world will be extinguished.

In order to achieve our mission, we have created a technology platform that allows us to recruit, train, and mobilize the best talent across the country. A short cut is to think of us as the Uber of grassroots programs.

But technology is just the start. The true key is our red, white, and blue collar workforce of America’s military families. We lead elite teams of warriors in the field as we deliver the most advanced grassroots programs the Nation has ever seen.


Everyone in our company understands and embraces our core values. Every meeting reinforces them. Every award highlights them. Every performance review is structured around them. These values represent the DNA of our firm. They are non-negotiable. They are what separate us from any other company on Earth. So far, they have been the key to helping us to attract and retain the best talent and they enable excellence in the field.

Love Our Vets
One Team One Fight
Get the Right Things Done Right
Be Relentless
Express Gratitude