Quick Response Force - As the Democrats march towards the White House and secure the US House, it is up to us to defend the US Senate. There are two very important elections in Georgia on January 5, 2021, and control of the US Senate is at stake. Stampede America is deploying a team of patriots who can travel to Georgia and knock on doors to mobilize conservatives to vote in the January 5 election.


  • Join a canvassing team and travel to Atlanta, Georgia

  • Deployment Dates: ASAP - January 5, 2021


Stampede Provides:

  • $20-$30/hr for canvassing (the more you work the higher your hourly rate)

  • Hotel and travel stipend

  • Training and walk app with target voter addresses



  • Credit card to cover incidentals at hotel

  • Personal vehicle or ability to rent a car

  • Smartphone with data plan