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ACTION Send an email to Chairman Clayton at rule-comments@sec.gov


PLEASE include the rule number in the subject line (The Rule Number is S7-22-19)


An effective email to Chairman Clayton will include the following:


1. A little bit about yourself – your name, where you are from, and your family information. Show yourself to be a real human, not a lobbyist from the swamp.


2. Why you think proxy firms should be required to focus on increasing investment returns and not political and social issues.


3. A thank you or expression of appreciation to Chairman Clayton for standing up to liberal interest groups.


DETAILS: As you know, President Trump has been under assault by the liberal left since the day he took office. He is trying to accomplish good things for the American people, but unfortunately, keeps getting attacked. Today is an opportunity for us to fight back for him. In the past couple of decades, proxy firms have been formed to assist large retirement funds in voting on shareholder proposals.


These large retirement funds were unable to keep up with all of the shareholder proposals that needed to be researched and voted on, so they gave their voting rights to these proxy firms to make sure that their shareholders’ best financial interests were represented. But in recent years, some proxy firms have been formed with an ulterior motive – that motive is to advance their liberal progressive policies over the financial interests of shareholders.


These proxy firms have begun submitting shareholder proposals and voting against the financial interests of the corporations and their shareholders – these shareholders are everyday Americans with retirements from being a police officer, or a firefighter, or a teacher, and many other public servant jobs. Issues like gun control, climate change, and sanctuary cities have been forced upon these publicly-traded companies at the expense of the Americans who are relying on those corporations to do well financially so their retirements will be funded.


The Result: 50% fewer publicly-traded companies being formed out of fear of being hijacked by liberal proxy firms Reduced returns (money back into retirement accounts) for investors – social progressive agendas don’t equate to a good return on investment.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversees these proxy advisor firms and is a part of the Executive Branch. Its job is to protect investors and maintain fair and orderly markets in the US.


On January 20, 2017, President Trump appointed Chairman Jay Clayton to lead the SEC. Chairman Clayton is an experienced Wall Street lawyer who understands that protecting the retirements of hard-working Americans is his most important job. Chairman Clayton announced a new rule that would curb this liberal political activity that is stealing money out of Americans’ pockets in exchange for the advancement of progressive policies that President Trump and his supporters stand against.


Today, I am asking you to take action by sending an email to Chairman Clayton to tell him that you support this effort to stop proxy firms from voting against the interests of hard-working Americans.