The liberal media is telling all of us that Joe Biden is going to win in a landslide, but what they aren't telling us is that Hillary Clinton was doing better in the Battleground State polls against Trump than Biden is now... and we all know how that election turned out.


Why are they doing this? The Democrats who control all of the media outlets want Republicans to think that President Trump doesn't have a chance at winning so we will all just stay home on Election Day. It's up to us to meet voters at their doors and tell them that if they vote, the President wins and the Constitution is safe for another four years.

How can you help?

Make a Door Pledge

I'm already canvassing for President Trump and want to commit to knock doors!

Canvass in your Hometown

I live in a battleground state (FL, GA, ME, MI, NC, PA) and want to get out and knock doors for President Trump!

Travel to a Battleground State

I don't live in a Battleground State, but I am willing to travel to canvass for President Trump where I am needed most!